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Lisa Hayward Basile


In 2020, the Board approved a scholarship fund for foster and other low-
income college students whose goal is to become Art Teachers. Scholarships are granted in honor of LISA HAYWARD BASILE who received her Bachelors in Art Education from Westfield State College and a Master of Fine Arts, from the Massachusetts College of Art.

Lisa taught art for many years, teaching her students that the world
around them is a beautiful place. She guided them to paint, draw,
design, and sculpt, and inspired them to add their personality and
creativity into their artwork. 


Since its inception, the Lisa Hayward Basile Scholarship Fund has
provided grants in the amount of $44,000!

The following excerpt was taken from a Thank You Letter received in reference to the scholarship recipients.

     "They are the makers, the storytellers, and the visionaries who ask the questions,

             What really matters? and What do I value? 


       These questions have become vital in the lives of young people today, and that gives me enormous hope for the future, as I know they will approach it with sincerity, integrity, curiosity, and resilience. They believe in the values of justice, compassion, beauty, and hope, And they are equipped to make the world a better place".

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